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Frequently Asked Questions

How to book
Click here to get started. Once you have paid your session fee and signed your contract, we will send you a calendar for you to pick a date. We shoot Monday-Friday starting at 10am.

What should I bring?
Bring a pair of nude and black thongs to wear under our garments. 
A good bra and panty set.
Anything you want to bring that you feel sexy in. That could be lingerie, white t-shirt or ripped jeans. That's completely up to you! 
You can also bring props (only if you want to) we have had guns (unloaded of course) liquor bottles, Pokémon, tool belts, work uniforms, and light sabers, all kinds of stuff!

"What if I'm awkward in front of a camera?"
We expect nothing from you during your shoot, I am going to direct you and pose you to be your most flattered self! I'll pose you from your head to your toes, tell you when to breathe and arch and even show you most of the poses first. The nerves and the camera shyness fade within the first ten minutes and it will be over all too soon!

Do I have to get naked?
Absolutely not! I want you to be 100% comfortable!

"I don't really have a specific reason to do a photoshoot...."
The only reason you need is "you"! You don't have to do this for a significant other, do this for yourself! You don't need to have a specific event to celebrate you! We all need to be reminded we are a bad ass goddess. This is your sign. Do the photoshoot!

"I started my period 😖"
It's okay! Get some Midol and a tampon! The shoot will go on! 

Are you going to post my pictures? 
I'll never post anything without your consent! I value your privacy and I would never compromise that. I'll ask at your reveal if you would consider a model release if so, Heather will do a happy dance to have more photos to post and if not, that's okay too! We completely understand and it's no pressure at all! Nothing will ever get posted until a model release is signed and images are paid for in full.

Can I bring a friend? 
Of course! We have no problem with you bringing a friend as long as you are 100% comfortable being vulnerable in front of them, if you want to bring your significant other, we need to know about that and discuss it first. Full disclosure, sometimes it's not very fun for them. Hair and makeup takes almost 2 hours (Heather is ridiculously meticulous and I love her for it) We have found that women sometimes are self-conscious and won’t focus on herself if the other is present. With that being said, we want you to feel 100% comfortable so if you want to bring your bestie, just give us a heads up

"I need to lose weight first." 
No. You. Do. NOT!! 
You're perfect the way you are. 
I also understand we get in our heads and we are way too hard on ourselves. With that being said, NO, you don't! I love showing women how perfect they are, in that very moment, however, posing helps.

"GIRL I'm gonna need a draaaaank!"
Not that we would ever judge someone for getting hammered at 10am.... that ain't the vibe here. We want you fully in the moment. Plus drinking sometimes makes your skin too flushed and your eyes too heavy. We ain't got time for that!! Save the drinks for after your shoot when you're all dolled up and feeling like you could conquer the world!

Lets talk money honey!
It's $500 for the session itself, and you can add on Heather's hair and make up services for $200 (we highly recommend it for the pampering experience and for the final results, you won't regret it!!) 

What's included in the session fee?
First is your client portal, that has all the information you'll ever need, including easy access to all your documents as well as where to shop and where to get a massage etc, access to our client closet and you can bring your own. You'll have around 45 minutes camera time will full posing guidance. After your shoot, you'll be given a break then come back for your reveal to choose the 20 images you love (or more if you want to upgrade)!

What to expect at your reveal...
We will get you back in the studio in about an hour for your reveal.  During that time, no cell phones out, no children, or significant others (unless discussed previously with us) are allowed. You will be shown 30-40 poses that have been lightly edited, each in a color and black and white.  You'll go through all your photos, picking out your favorites that are included in the session fee. You may choose to purchase more, but it's not required. Now you're ready to take on the world with an extra pep in your step! We will contact you shortly for product delivery.

How quickly will I get my products back if I purchase them?
Shipping has been a little crazy lately, but I always plan for 4-5 weeks after the products are paid in full, for delivery.

Pamper yourself!
Click here to make an appointment with Adrienne at Natural Bloom for a facial,
click here to schedule with Kayla at Brow therapy for waxing and lashes
Click here to schedule a massage with Tina
Drink plenty of water and eat your fruits and veggies!

This is your experience. We would never expect you to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing or leave the makeup room without feeling like the beautiful Goddess you are!

"What types of photoshoots do you offer?"


Our passion, the best way to be empowered and remind yourself you're a powerful, gorgeous Queen

Maternity Boudoir

The perfect way to embrace this moment forever. I love taking photos showing off your belly but I also love taking photos of just you, to remind you you're a beautiful goddess.

Couples Boudoir

It's not as scary as it sounds lol I love to capture those beautiful, intimate moments with the one you love. Things happen and that's totally normal but there will be no insertion. We know a photographer we could refer you to if that's what you're into. I'll also take some photos of just you. If you need makeup for the both of you there will be an extra fee.