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Lingerie Guide

We know shopping for lingerie can be a bit intimidating.
At Created Wonderfully we have a huge client closet with several different sizes and styles.

However, if you're ready to shop till you drop this lingerie guide is just for you! 

First and foremost, wear whatever makes you feel sexy. Make sure you have a good fit in whatever you decide to wear. No spilling out and no gaps. I know we want to reach for the flowy teddys but those aren't very flattering on camera.

We all have insecurities.

Not a fan of your tummy?
Bodysuits and high waisted shapewear are perfect!
Insecure about your arms?
Long sleeve body suits and lace coverups will make you feel much more comfortable.
Cheeky and Brazilian panties are flattering for everyone.
High cut bottoms and bodysuits make your legs look longer.

Find a good bra and panty set, classic colors are always best. Bodysuits are wonderful for all body types. Personalize your shoot, bring a special shirt, jersey, work coat. You can make anything sexy! Leather jacket, high heels, off the shoulder sweater, white tee shirt, crisp button down or plain white sheet, whatever you wear you are gonna rock this shoot!!

If you're wanting to shop till you drop we have a few suggestions
Here's some of our amazon picks!
If you plan on ordering any of these, double check your size and measurements!
If it has a garter belt you don't necessarily need thigh high stockings (sometimes they can make your legs look shorter on camera)


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