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Frequently Asked Questions

How to book?
So you're ready?! Click this link to get started. Once you have paid your session fee and signed your contract, we will send you a calendar for you to pick a date. We shoot Monday-Friday starting at 9am. This day is dedicated to you, you'll be with us for several hours so plan accordingly.

What's included in the session fee?
Professional hair and makeup, client portal (all the information you could ever need in one place) client closet, up to 90 minutes camera time with full posing guidance, lunch with us, and same day reveal and purchasing session. 

-What types of photoshoots do you offer? 
 -Boudoir, our passion, the best way to be empowered and remind yourself you're A bad bitch
-Couples Boudoir, it's not as scary as it sounds! I love to capture those beautiful, intimate moments with the one you love. Things happen and that's totally normal but there will be no insertion. We know a photographer we could refer you to if that's what you're into. I'll also take some photos of just you. If you need makeup for the both of you there will be an extra fee. 
-Body paint: yes! We offer body paint! Maddie is an AMAZING Artist! If you choose to add this on, you'll have your own personal consultation with Maddie to go over ideas and what you're thinking. That day you'll have your normal boudoir shoot, then Maddie will come in and paint you up then you'll have another little photoshoot showing off your art!
-maternity boudoir, the perfect way to embrace this moment forever. I love taking photos showing off your belly but I also love taking photos of just you, to remind you you're a beautiful goddess.
-Birthday boudoir: A lot of ladies have celebrated their birthday with us for several years! You'll have a boudoir session for your birthday and if you want, you can bring balloons, a crown, tutu, whatever you want! It's your day!!
-breast feeding a wonderful, powerful way to capture this moment.
-Teenage empowerment, teen years are tough! This photoshoot will be a friendly reminder to not be so tough on yourself, to show off your talents or just have fun! (this type of shoot will NOT be a boudoir shoot) 
This is a judgement free zone but we will not do full on, hustler nudes or any insertion of any kind. 

-What should I bring?
Bring a pair of nude and black thongs to wear under our garments and a good bra and panty set. 
You are welcome to bring in any outfits that make you feel confident, it doesn’t even have to be lingerie to be sexy!  
You can always message us with any items you find to see if they will work well, you are never a bother to us, this is what we are here for! 

--here is our lingerie guide. Please, No baby dolls!

You may bring in anything that makes this unique to you. We have had guns, (unloaded of course) liquor bottles, Pokémon, tool belts, work uniforms, and light sabers, all kinds of stuff! This is your shoot 






-Can I bring a friend? 
Of course! 
We have no problem with you bringing a friend as long as you are 100% comfortable being vulnerable in front of them, if you want to bring your significant other, we need to know about that and discuss it first. Full disclosure, sometimes it's not very fun for them. Hair and makeup takes almost 2 hours (Heather is ridiculously meticulous and I love her for it) We have found that women sometimes are self conscious and won’t focus on herself if the other is present. With that being said, we want you to feel 100% comfortable so if you want to bring your bestie, just give us a heads up!



What if I am awkward in front of the camera?


We expect nothing from you during your shoot, I am going to direct you and pose you to be your most flattered self! I'll pose you from your head to your toes, tell you when to breathe and arch and even show you most of the poses first. The nerves and the camera shyness fade within the first ten minutes and it will be over all too soon!

-Do I have to get naked?
Absolutely not! I want you to be 100% comfortable! 



What type of grooming do I need to do before the shoot?


We want you to feel as confident as you can, for some that means getting your hair cut or colored (this is not a good idea to try something drastically new for you), getting a mani/pedi, getting a spray tan (message us for recommendations on who to go to because not all spray tans are ideal for photography), or for some that isn’t a thing that you care about, then neither do we…these are YOUR photos and we want you to be you!!



It’s the day of my shoot, what do I do?


First of all, relax lol, it will be fun and you are going to rock it!!  Hair and makeup will be first


It’s my reveal day, what can I expect?


We will show you a highlight video of some of our favorites from the session and find out what it is you want to do with these images, whether it’s a fabulous folio box (our favorites!!), wall art, an album, or a combination of several things, and start designing it.  We offer financing through PayPal Credit (you can apply for that here) and Square Installments (approval is based on your credit score and we have no control over that) and if your order is paid in full, you will get your products as soon as we get them back, which sometimes takes 3-4 weeks, depending on what you’ve ordered.  We do also offer in house payment plans, but no products are given until it’s paid in full, we can discuss your needs and we strive to help however works best for your budget. 


You didn’t answer my question, how can I find out more?


Give us a call anytime, if we don’t answer, please leave us a message so we can assist you!  The studio number is 336-648-8480 and Christie’s cell is 336-710-8567, you are never a bother, the key to a successful boudoir shoot is educating you, we are here to help you!!

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