Frequently asked Questions

What if I don’t have any lingerie?


We have a client closet with over 50 laundered items for use to borrow, we don’t want you to stress over wardrobe, but it’s always a good idea to bring a few different types of panties and at least one well fitting bra to wear.  You are always more than welcome to message us with any items you find to see if they will work well, you are never a bother to us, this is what we are here for!  You are welcome to bring in any outfits that make you feel confident, it doesn’t even have to be lingerie to be sexy!  


Can I bring props?


Absolutely, you may bring in anything that makes this unique to you and your significant other (if you have one, but totally not required to!!) We don’t have many props at the studio because to us, the focus is on YOU and your beauty!


Can I bring a friend?


We have no problem with you bringing a friend as long as you are 100% comfortable being vulnerable in front of them, if you want to bring your significant other, we need to know about that and discuss it first.  We have found that women sometimes will be self conscious and won’t focus on herself if the other is present.  It is a decision based session by session and we reserve the right to remove anyone from the studio for any reason. 


What if I am awkward in front of the camera?


We expect nothing from you during your shoot, unless you are a professional model who has done this tons of times, and even then we are going to direct you and pose you to be your most flattered self!  The nerves and the camera shyness usually fades in the first ten minutes and it will be over all too soon!



What type of grooming do I need to do before the shoot?


We want you to feel as confident as you can, for some that means getting your hair cut or colored (this is not a good idea to try something drastically new for you), getting a mani/pedi, getting a spray tan (message us for recommendations on who to go to because not all spray tans are ideal for photography), or for some that isn’t a thing that you care about, then neither do we…these are YOUR photos and we want you to be you!!



It’s the day of my shoot, what do I do?


First of all, relax lol, it will be fun and you are going to rock it!!  Come with clean dry hair and bring your own foundation if you wear any. Arrive 5-10 minutes before your session and if you have any ideas about how you want your hair and make up, we can discuss them. 



I just finished my shoot and feel AmAzInG, now what?


Go out and have a nice dinner and celebrate your awesomeness!!! We will get you back in the studio in about 2-3 weeks for your reveal and purchasing session.  During that time, no cell phones out, children, or significant others (unless discussed previously with us) are allowed. You will be shown 25-35 poses that have been lightly edited. There is no obligation to purchase any, but if you don’t get anything that day, there is a fee of $200 to come back to do a second purchasing session. 


It’s my reveal day, what can I expect?


We will show you a highlight video of some of our favorites from the session and find out what it is you want to do with these images, whether it’s a fabulous folio box (our favorites!!), wall art, an album, or a combination of several things, and start designing it.  We offer financing through PayPal Credit (you can apply for that here) and Square Installments (approval is based on your credit score and we have no control over that) and if your order is paid in full, you will get your products as soon as we get them back, which sometimes takes 3-4 weeks, depending on what you’ve ordered.  We do also offer in house payment plans, but no products are given until it’s paid in full, we can discuss your needs and we strive to help however works best for your budget. 


You didn’t answer my question, how can I find out more?


Give us a call anytime, if we don’t answer, please leave us a message so we can assist you!  The studio number is 336-648-8480 and Christie’s cell is 336-710-8567, you are never a bother, the key to a successful boudoir shoot is educating you, we are here to help you!!